mission critical
impose correctly
The technique is applied for the members of our cohort who have engaged us.
At this stage, we will have determined the behaviour pattern by co-operating together.... We refer to this as Klevah 2™.

Klevah Method™ is how it's put together

The four impositions

For Dominance For Influence For Steadiness For Conscentiousness

We have a three stage method, depending on the circumstances. The best outcome is to have the pattern; the next best is to have the quadrant; if all else fails there is a 'go to' as a last resort. Imposition technically implies force. But Klevah Method™ is to impose willingly. That is the difference.

Dominance The Eagle

Tendency: Direct aggressive approach which may result in a "I win / you lose" outcome. Do not ramble.

1 - Director - Will engage if for progress.

2 - Developer - Will be better at one-on-one conflict.

3 - Results - Will push for closure.

4 - Inspirational - Will try to understand and influence.

Influence The Peacock

Tendency: Tends to avoid direct open conflict; very sensitive to social rejection.

5 - Persuader - Will be open minded.

6 - Appraiser - Will be fair and objective.

7 - Promoter - Will look at the bright side.

8 - Counselor - Will want a win-win solution.

Conscentiousness The Owl

Tendency: Inclined to initially withdraw from open conflict but may become defensive or aggressive. Arm yourself with facts.

13 - Practitioner - Will stay on track.

14 - Objective Thinker- Will tend to become cautious & avoid conflict.

15 - Perfectionist - Will be persistent about details.

16 - Enhancer - Will engage if for progress.

Steadiness The Dove

Tendency: Definite inclination to avoid aggression, hostility or conflict. Do not hurt their feelings.

9 - Specialist - Will want to keep things the same.

10 - Investigator - Will provide rationale.

11 - Agent - May avoid conflict to preserve the group.

12 - Achiever - Will be precise about facts.


This is the crucial step in the use of the Platinum Rule.

1. Impose based on Disc pattern or quadrant
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2. Platinum Rule
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3. Structure & Delivery
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