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A contemplation to contemplate:

A man (or woman) who is his (her) own lawyer has a fool for his client.

A lawyer who represents himself (herself) has a client who is an even bigger fool.

A man (or woman) who knows the Klevah Method™ is no fool.

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These are real stories with the names altered. We do alter this page from time to time.
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Selected case studies

We give your outcomes a better chance.

While the deliverable is the presentation, it's the unique Klevah Method™ that is really what you are paying for. Otherwise the three or four page document is hellishly expensive isn't it? But you are not paying for the document on its own!
While case studies are actual events, sometimes names and locations are obfuscated.

No Interlock Victoria - Case 1

Case: BAC 0.035; driving car without interlock when on interlock condition. 3rd offence. Adjourned hearing.

Magistrate's behaviour pattern: Agent.

Vibe: Magistrate tore the barrister to shreds in first hearing. Mindset that defendant had not got the message. First psychologist's report only a ruse 'to try to get him off'. Barrister sacked. Client represented himself and read his presentation. His was the best in the three hours we all sat through.

Facing: $18,000+ and 6 months.

Got: 14 month licence suspension; $900 fine + $100 court costs. Magistrate neglected to impose mandatory sentence of minimum 4 years Interlock Condition.

Client Satistaction: Over the moon; still in shock! Knows there will be repercussions.

Application for Interlock Removal Victoria - Case 2

Case: Client "Benjamin Hearn" had 3 previous drink driving convictions, plus two over 0.00 instances when attempting to use his Interlock, that previously had caused his Interlock Condition to be extended from 12 to 24 months. The 24 months had now expired. This is the same client as in Case 1.

Magistrate's behaviour pattern: Not known.

Vibe: If we cannot determine the behaviour pattern, we go for treating them as a high I. This is a fallback position as we simply do not know. However, it is 100% better than nothing and has a good track record. The client went alone and with no barrister. He was armed with his presentation crafted by us.

Facing: Unknown Interlock condition extension and / or fine.

Got: Exposed the Magistrate in Case 1 as not applying a mandatory sentence. Another hearing set down.

Client Satistaction: Very confident prior. Practised all weekend. Went well. Happy with our service! Upset at judicial incompetence.

Prosecution for Dog Escape in Victoria

Case: Client "Thomas Beach" had his dog, "Scruffy", escape during home renovations despite taking careful precautions to avoid such an event. The City of Melbourne impounded the dog and imposed a fine of $326. Client to plead guilty and present special circumstances - "what more could I do?" to try to get off the fine.

Magistrate's behaviour pattern: Not known.

Vibe: If we cannot determine the behaviour pattern, we go for treating them as a high I. The client went alone and with no barrister and had even attended a court prior to 'feel the atmosphere'. He was armed with his presentation based on strategy essentially fashioned by collaboration with PYIC. This is brilliant preparation.

Facing: We thought just the fine.

Got: No fine. Costs of $185 (Summons and Stamp Duty). Three month good behaviour bond which PYIC thinks outrageous for a one off incident. PYIC puts forward a theorem, an idea, belief, method, or statement generally accepted as true or worthwhile without proof, that this occurred as the client deviated from the script devised using the Klevah Method™. Deviation runs the risk of not treating the other person correctly. PYIC's script was limited to 10 minutes. The case ran for 90 so we make our point! This is, by the way, consistent with the behaviour pattern of the client who was assessed as a Promoter plus a procrastinator and a moocher.

Client Satistaction: Winner. The bond is annoying, but free. Although the net cash benefit is $141 ($326 - $185), PYIC adds on the estimated City of Melbourne costs which would be around $1,500 at around $50 per iteration plus the time spent (wasted) by the prosecutor. They invested $1,500 to get zero. Your rates at work. Project benefit is $1,641 less our fair fee. The client, to be fair, is also out of pocket as the fee is greater than $141 plus his own time is 'pro bono'. This is superlative use of the Klevah Method™ for clients who do not want to 'just pay the fine' when they are actually guilty as charged.

Our Objective

To develop the skills and material you need to prepare and deliver a presentation in court that may be better but certainly will be different from anyone on that day (unless they are already a client :-).

1. Behaviour

2. Imposition

3. Structure & Delivery

Why choose us ?

My boutique style of consultancy promotes a purposeful approach to my work, achieving decisive and unambiguous results.
My assertive standing, within my expertise of improving performance, is the result of goal-oriented diligence.
I integrate Disc behaviour, imposition, structure & delivery techniques known as the Klevah Method™.
It is this thoroughness, overseen by the values of a five time world champion (Márquez), that allows us me say I am are not opinionated; I am right.

We are profesional

Peter Selleck has 41 years business experience. Master in the Disc pattern theory and the creation of targeted presentations. Also an excellent presenter in his own right despite not being a natural one (per his own disc pattern)

We are reliable

One of Peter Selleck's nicknames is Mr. Reliable.

We are a unique resource

We are unaware of any boutique consultancy that combines the theory of William Marston with that of Peter Rogen by linking them by imposing on others willingly.

We are prepared

The real question is "Are you?"

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